Data: Interactive Map of CA Statewide Election Results

Here’s a map I made when I was briefly working on Rocky Chavez’s aborted run at Senate to show the county by county breakdown of the vote in Gubernatorial and Senate races. It doesn’t really tell us anything we don’t already know: Republicans not named Arnold Schwarzenegger have little to no shot at taking a major statewide office. But that was part of the point of the exercise – to show how steep the chances are for anyone engaging in a statewide race up front. The other point though was to show potentially vulnerable spots, counties that might go overlooked by the other party’s electoral strategy that are actually competitive.

It is impressive to scroll through it and see how rapidly and how thoroughly the state has turned blue. San Francisco absolutely lives up to its reputation as a liberal enclave: Neel Kashkari received only 11% of the vote in the City.

I wanted to embed it but WordPress’s backend isn’t playing nice, so feel free to follow the link below!


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